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Event Title: Part-1 Walking with Jesus - His Life & Ministry
02-Nov-2017 to 06-Nov-2017 Past Event
Venue: Rumah Methodist Frasers

CONTEMPLATIVE & QUIET RETREATS  are designed for those who desire to experience or be exposed to the contemplative tradition of prayer. These retreats integrate extended periods of silence, solitude and scriptural meditation. Retreatants will follow the guidance and direction of a Retreat Director. Different amounts of teaching and input will be provided depending on the type of retreat.
Date/ Place  Themes Retreat Facilitators

March 3-5, 2017
PD Methodist Centre

Keeping the Sabbath
(A partnership with Wesley Methodist Church, Klang)
This retreat invites you to explore the meaning of keeping the sabbath as a command of God in your daily life. It focuses on the rhythms of ceasing, resting, embracing and feasting.

Klang Wesley Members - please register with your church office. (Call Ms Pelita Chuah 016-6256188)
Non-Klang Wesley Members - please register with ICM here

Dr Lilian Koh is a medical doctor by day and a spiritual director by night. She is trained in spiritual direction under the Spiritual Growth Ministry n NZ.

April 21-23, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers

Be Still and Know
(A Partnership with Damansara Utama Methodist Church PJ)
This retreat is for those who are newer to the contemplative tradition of prayer. You will be guided gently into th edynamics of silence, scripture meditation and prayer. Setting aside time to "Be Still" will help you deepen your intimacy and knowledge of God.

DUMC Members - please register with DUMC (Call Mercy 03-79587388)
Non-DUMC Members - Please Register here

Lim Siew Lan & Gan Jin Leong

Siew Lan is trained as a spiritual companion under the Maranatha Retreat House. Other than serving as an accountant at DUMC, she teaches spiritual formation and facilitates retreats.

Jin Leong serves in the pastoral ministry in DUMC. His focus includes training volunteers for and assisting pre-believers to explore Christianity through the Alpha Course and leading people in small groups to journey with one another.

May 23-27, 2017
Chefoo Methodist Centre, Camerons
Individually-Directed Retreat (5-Days)
This retreat allows you the extended space to be in quiet contemplation and prayer while being directed daily by the Retreat Guide.

Please Register here

Bishop Dr Ong Hwai Teik is currently the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia. Other than holding this on-going overseer' role, he continues to offer spiritual direction and retreat ministry. He is trained in spiritual direction under the Life Direction Team, Singapore.

June 9-11, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers


Second Half in Christ - An Educators' Retreat
(A partnership with TCF Malaysia)
A retreat for educators on how focusing on Christ's invitations in the second half of life more intentionally will shape the way we live teach and live.

Please register here

Dr Alex Tang is a Consultant Paediatrician as well as a lecturer with Monash University's Medical Faculty. He is also an elder with the Presbyterian church and is an active writer and blogger in the area of spiritual formation and life.


July 7-9, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers
Discernment - 3-Day Retreat
Do you need time and space to reflect and pray about a life-decision? This retreat, over a weekend in Frasers' Hll offers basic princiles of discernment to help you pray through and seek clarity for the life-decision you desire to make.

Please Register here
Rev Peggy Seow is a Minister with the Methodist Church. She is a graduate of the Institute for Pastoral Studies, Loyola University, Chicago. She majored in Spiritual Direction.
July 9-16, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers

Discernment Retreat (Individually-Guided)
Is your life a busy one with many cares and concerns? Why not take a prayer retreat and review your life, in a quiet and serene setting amidts the cool mountain air. Unlock the knots in your heart and spirit through guided prayer, spiritual direction and meditation on the Word of God.

Please Register here
Rev Peggy Seow
Aug 18-21, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers
The Journey 2017 Retreat
(This retreat is built-in for participants of The Journey Series 2017)
An individually-guided retreat for all participants of The Journey 2017

Please Apply for The Journey 2017 here

The Journey Team of Facilitators

Oct 27-29, 2017
PD Methodist Centre

Courage & Calling In Vocation
(A Partnership with Wesley Methodist Church, Seremban)
A retreat for marketplace leaders to prayerfully consider and review their own journey and find renewed courage and strength in Christ as they follow His call in their lives and vocation.
(For marketplace leaders, who are serving actively in the marketplace, business and society)

WMCS Members - please register with your church office or call Dr Yee Chow Boi (012-2060132)

Non-WMCS Members - 
Please register with ICM here

Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn is the Chairman/Training Consultant with Graceworks Singapore. His passion is connecting the Word of God to the struggles in daily life and the promotion of the discipline of spiritual friendship. He journeys with people through his ministry of teaching, preaching, writing and mentoring. Trained as a dentist originally, he went on for further theological training at Regent College Canada and later Fuller Theological Seminary. As a pastor at heart and the founder of Graceworks, Soo Inn serves as a trainer, mentor and writer.


What: A Two-Part 5-Day Individually-Directed Retreat focusing on silence, solitude and praying scripture surrounding the themes of the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ - His Life, Ministry, Death & Resurrection. The aim of the retreat is to help retreatants cultivate an on-going attentiveness to His Life and His invitations.

Who: We welcome those who have completed the Journey Series or the SFL Weekends or those who have made a minimum of a 5-Day Individually-Directed retreats. Preference will be given to those who are able to commit to both Part I & Part II of the retreats.
Part I: Walking with Jesus - His Life & Ministry
Ordering one's life to praise, reverence and serve God; responding to God's call by knowing, loving and following Jesus
Please register with ICM here
November 2-6, 2017
Rumah Methodist, Frasers
Part II: Walking with Jesus - His Death & Resurrection
Being with Christ in the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings and experiencing the power of His resurrection.
Please register with ICM here
May 18-22, 2018
Rumah Methodist, Frasers