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TRAC Millennium Ministry Fund

The TRAC Millennium Ministry Fund was established in 2002  with the intention of financially meeting our TRAC Infrastructure Development and Resource Needs. Our local churches were then called to bless a generation yet unborn by giving to this Fund by way of tithing of funds held in fixed deposits in our local churches. 

Some of the financial needs that will be met by this Fund are raising TRAC Full-Time Directors / Co-ordinators of Ministries and expanding TRAC administrative and equipment capabilities. The TRAC HQ extension project is also underway as we look forward to expanded space for training and equipping for ministries. When we empower and strengthen TRAC, we shall in turn be empowering and strengthening our local churches and ministries. This will be the opportunity to invest our savings that were meant for "special needs" and worthy/noble causes. Let us together co-invest, co-write and co-construct a new chapter of going forth to fulfill the Lord's words "I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last" (Jn. 15:16) in this new millennium as a TRAC family. 

Let us recognise that there is a spiritual as well as an organisational and financial aspect to our sense of movement-wide unity as a connectional church. As we continue to love the Lord and His Church in TRAC, observing the many opportunities (needs) that exist - may we break new grounds in continuing our contributions beyond our immediate life-time by including the church in our wills or bequeathing a tithe from our financial legacy.


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