Life Giving Tools Series 2014

 Four Saturday-Modules in 2014 • March 8th • May 17th • July 19th • Sept 27th • 10 am – 4 pm

The Life-Giving Tools (LGT) Series seeks to equip a disciple of Christ with four life-giving tools for the long haul of life and ministry.
This inner-life series will help you carve out a rhythm that will cultivate a posture of attentiveness to God in everyday life so that you may experience the reality of a loving God who is All-Present and All-Knowing. Out of this centeredness in Christ is where our active life in the family, church, marketplace and the world shall spring forth from.
LGT-M1: Prayer & Hearing the Voice of God Click here for Online Registration
March 8th, 2014 (Sat), 10 am - 4 pm, Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh
Introduction to the contemplative tradition of prayer through the disciplines of silence, solitude & scriptural meditation. How can we cultivate a rhythm that helps us pay better attention to His Voice and His invitations to us?
(Rev Dr Chew Tow Yow & Dr Lilian Koh)
LGT-M2: Life-Giving Practices to create new Habits of the Heart Click here for Online Registration
May 17th, 2014 (Sat), 10 am - 4 pm, Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh
How can spiritual disciplines and practices in the spiritual life open our hearts to be attentive to God so that the Holy Spirit can do His work of transformation and recreate new habits of the heart?
(Dr Voon Choon Khing & Rev Yong Wai Yin)
LGT-M3: Discernment, Knowing and Doing the Will of God Click here for Online Registration
July 19th, 2014, 10 am - 4 pm, Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh
How do we discern the voice of God in the midst of the many voices within and around us? How can "discerning the voice of God" help us clarify, listen and obey the will of God in our decision-making and life choices?
(Rev Peggy Seow & Mr Cheong Seng Gee)
LGT-M4: Becoming a Friend on the Journey Click here for Online Registration
September 27th, 2014, 10 am - 4 pm, Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh
How do we create space in our hearts so that we can host another in deeper conversations that will benefit the soul and help others pay aftention to what God is doing? What does it mean to be a companion and a friend on the journey?
(Mr Alvin Ung & Ms Ng Wai Ling)
This 4-Module LGT Series intends to integrate a variety of learning methodology in order to provide a more wholistic experience for the participants. Although there will be some input and teaching as foundational blocks, much of the time for the day is designed to help participants experience a glimpse or an appetizer of a retreat setting. This is intended to give city-folks a few hours time-off from daily routine of work, the hustle and bustle of city life, a break from the on-going commitments and demands of work, family and even church ministry. The time-off will be spent with learning afresh some foundational tools for the Christian life that every disciple of Christ must cultivate in order to pursue Jesus' call to holy living in a contemporary life. There will be plenty of time for learning to listen to oneself, to God and to one another. Tools like meditation of scripture, prayers of review of the day, disciplines of journaling and reflection as well as sharing with a community will be part of the process of cultivating the inner life.
Rev Dr Chew Tow Yow
He was an educationist with the Malaysian Education Ministry for many years before he took optional retirement and became a Methodist Minister until his second retirement. He is currently an adjunct faculty with Seminary Theoloji Malaysia (STM), teaching spirituality and discipleship courses. He is a sought-after speaker and retreat facilitator. His training is in education (PhD, Emory), theology (M.Div, STM and ThM).
Dr Lilian Koh
She is a medical doctor by training. Lilian is also trained in spiritual companionship (Maranatha Retreat House) and frequently leads small groups in spiritual formation and direction as well as co-faclitates The Journey, teaching and offering spiritual direction. When she is not seeing patients in the clinic or meeting people for formation work, Lilian spends her time with her dogs and trying new recipes - much to the delight of her family and friends! Lilian worships at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ.
Dr Voon Choon Khing
Dr Voon has a variety of experiences including midwifery, mental health work and library science before becoming a lecturer with Seminary Theloji Malaysia. She teaches part-time in the areas of Christian spirituality and pastoral counseling. She has a ThM (Duke) and DMin (GTF). Dr Voon worships at Taman Ujong Methodist Church, Seremban.
Rev Yong Wai Yin
Rev Yong was an accountant before she became a Methodist Minister. She received her M.Div (STM) and is currently serving as the Pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, Penang. She is also the Chairperson of the TRAC Board of Worship and Music.
Rev Peggy Seow
Rev Seow is a graduate of The Pastoral Institute of Loyola University, Chicago. She majored in Spiritual Direction. She is currently the TRAC Retreat Director and a Pastor of Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh.

Mr Cheong Seng Gee
Mr Cheong is a Human Resource Consultant. He is also trained in spiritual companionship (MRH) and is one of the ICM facilitators for the SFL Retreats. He is currently worshiping and serving in SS Methodist Church, PJ.

Mr Alvin Ung
Mr Ung is a prolific writer who recently published two titles, 'Taking Your Soul to Work' (Eerdmans) and 'Barefoot Leadership'. He was a journalist with a local print-media and the Vice-President for Leadership Development for Khazanah Nasioanl. His training is in writing (John Hopkins) and theology (Regent College).
Ms Ng Wai Ling
Wai Ling is the Director for ICM. Her training is in social work (USM) and counseling (MU) before moving into spiritual formation and spiritual direction (Talbot School of Theology, California). She facilitates the Journey, leads formation groups as well as other retreats.