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13-Jun-2013 MCCBCHST asks the government of Malaysia: Who is going to take Responsibility and right the wrong?
MCCBCHST Press Statement
05-Feb-2013 Mais Statement Unprecedented and Unconstitutional
MCCBCHST Press Statement
25-Jan-2013 Malay Bible Burning Notice
CFM Press Statement
25-Jan-2013 CFM MEDIA STATEMENT - Proposed Bible-burning an abhorrent act
CFM Press Statement
17-Jan-2013 The Heads of Churches of the Council of Churches of Malaysia meeting in Ipoh at its Retreat has noted the current discourse over the use of the word
CCM Press Statement
17-Jan-2013 CFM Statement - BM Bibles and Allah word - FINAL 9 Jan 2013
CFM Press Statement

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