Exploring Group Discernment with Leaders

We know that as a Christian leader, you sincerely want to follow where God is leading–but it’s not always clear where that is. Having other people listen with you for God’s call can be helpful. Learning to listen to one another as you serve together as a team can help to clarify God’s direction for you ministry, group or church.

This new initiative is exploratory and conversational in nature. We will be dialoguing with leadership groups of churches and organizations on the principles, processes and practices in group discernment. Where possible, the learnings will be incorporated into practice within a leaders’ planning setting – meeting or retreat.

The aim of this initiative is to help leaders listen to God and to each other in order to lead together more cohesively. Part of the exploration is to reflect on their own practices and co-create a process that helps them hear God and one another more attentively as a spiritual leadership community.

If you are interested to explore this practice of group discernment with your leaders in your group, ministry or church, please contact Ng Wai Ling at icm@trac.org.my