Food for the Soul - Encountering God through Philippians

(in partnership with Board of Christian Education)

We invite you to spend a weekend immersing your hearts, minds and souls in the Word of God, through readings, interaction and contemplation – the disciplines foundational to our personal growth. There will be times of reading & studying, conversations & community as well as personal quiet meditation & prayer. This weekend beckons us to be acquainted with the written word in order that we may encounter the Person who inspired the Word.

This second installment of encountering the bible explores the topic of joy in the midst of suffering, persecution and hostility from the book of Philippians. Come read, mark, learn and inwardly digest God’s Word so that we can become Christians who are passionate for Christ regardless of the our circumstances.

Date: May 10-12 2019
Venue: Rumah Methodist Frasers
Facilitators: Dr Samuel Ong and Tang Swee Kit