Introduction to Spiritual Formation

(This online course is an adaptation of ‘The Journey’ to introduce Spiritual Formation)

Have you wondered if,

  • you should be farther along in your spiritual life than where you are now?
  • you have hit a wall in your spiritual growth because what used to work for you isn’t working anymore?
  • you are growing spiritually because what you’ve encountered so far feels inadequate and you are longing for more.

If you are, then this program is for you! This online course is designed for participants to learn what Spiritual Formation is and become familiar with how the Holy Spirit grows us. You will understand the process of spiritual growth and how you can partner with the Holy Spirit in your transformation into Christlikeness.

Topics covered:

  1. Why Spiritual Formation?
  2. How We are Tempted to Deal with Our Spiritual Failure
  3. Moralism, Spiritual Burnout & the Way to Freedom
  4. Learning to Live in Jesus’ Yoke of Freedom
  5. The Problem of Sin and the Weakness of the Will
  6. How is Your Heart Transformed?
  7. Transformation by the Spirit through Praying from the Heart
  8. Developing Rhythms of the Heart for the Sake of Love

This program is designed for those who are:

  • seeking to learn about Spiritual Formation, understand the process of spiritual growth and the dynamics of Holy Spirit’s work in our transformation.
  • desiring for an intentional and deeper journey in their walk with God.
  • interested in contemplative practices, including prayer and reflection.
  • sensing a readiness for a journey into their own hearts through the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • yearning for a spiritual community to interact with and to process Soul-work. (Soul-work includes a guided interaction with the Holy Spirit through disciplines of lectures, prayer projects, group and individual spiritual direction)
  • in a season of life where they are able to set aside time and space to engage with the materials (not during a time of overburdened schedules or overwhelming personal crisis).

Program Components

Throughout the duration of this program (running from Aug 18 - Oct 27), you are required to:

  1. Spend about 2 hours of personal time weekly to:
    • Work through a lesson by watching one or more videos of Dr. Coe presenting material concerning the lesson’s topic. Handouts will be provided.
    • Work on Prayer Projects to help you experience lessons taught. These projects will help you engage with the Spirit and your heart on a deeper level.
  2. Meet for Communal Online sessions bi-weekly on ALL six Thursdays (18/8, 1/9, 15/9, 29/9, 13/10, 27/10), from 7.30pm – 10.00pm via Zoom to debrief lessons and journey with each other through group Spiritual Direction.
  3. Meet with an assigned Spiritual Director monthly for one-on-one Spiritual Direction sessions to process your prayer experiences and engagement with the materials.

Online Sessions via Zoom
Dates: Six Thursday evenings – 18/8, 1/9, 15/9, 29/9, 13/10, 27/10.
Time: 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Contribution: RM390 per person

Deadlines: Applications will be accepted until 18 July 2022 or when spaces when are filled.

Apply NOW!

Your Teacher (through teaching videos):

Dr. John H. Coe is a specialist in the philosophical and theological foundation of the integration of faith and learning. His research focuses on understanding the nature of spiritual and psychological health, the history of spirituality, the work of the Holy Spirit in personal change and the interface between psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. A particular interest is in exploring approaches to spiritual direction as a compliment to Christian psychotherapy. Dr. Coe is also the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Biola University.


Your Program Facilitators & Spiritual Directors

Ng Wai Ling
Ms. Ng Wai Ling
Wai Ling desires to help others make sense of their spiritual journey by becoming who they truly are in Christ. Her heart is in the areas of integrating discipleship, psychology and prayer as part of spiritual formation and life in Christ. Wai Ling’s initial training and vocational experiences include social work, counseling and education. She graduated with an MA in Spiritual Formation & Soulcare from Talbot School of Theology in California. She is the Director of the Institute for Christian Ministry (ICM) of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) of the Methodist Church in Malaysia.
Lim Siew Lan
Ms. Lim Siew Lan
Siew Lan is grateful to God and to mentors who have helped her attend to the inner life. She desires to encourage others to know God beyond intellectual awareness and to become more integrated and discerning as they journey in Christ. She graduated with a Master in Christian Studies from STM in 2006 and is also trained in spiritual companionship by Maranatha Retreat ministry. She currently serves in the Equipping Department in a Methodist church and leads spiritual formation groups. Her hobbies include music and sports.
Tan Swee Kit
Ms. Tang Swee Kit
Swee Kit is passionate about her calling to help people grow and deepen their relationship with God. Her involvement in student ministry and the desire to understand the process of spiritual transformation led her to Talbot School of Theology where she completed her MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and received her training as a spiritual director. Besides journeying alongside others in their spiritual journey, she enjoys taking walks, nature and photography.
Kong Lee Ang
Ms. Kong Lee Ang
Lee Ang is a firm believer of the contemplative life and the many treasures that can be discovered if we stop, look around, choose to engage and not rush through life. Trained as a spiritual director with Spiritual Growth Ministries (SGM) New Zealand, she finds listening to others and giving them the space of being listened to, something life-giving and meaningful for her. She loves working on home improvement projects during her free time and has a special place in her heart for cute animals.