The Enneagram and Spiritual Growth

A Three-Part Workshop for ICM


Date: Saturdays - 15 April, 27 May, 10 June 2023
Time: 9am – 4pm (including lunch)
Venue: TRAC Office, Petaling Jaya
Facilitator: Dr Lee Soo Tian
Contribution: RM360

Session 1: Introduction to the Enneagram
The first session of a three-part series, this workshop aims to give participants an overview of the Enneagram, a personality system oriented towards spiritual growth. Participants will self-identify their Enneagram type and understand basic Enneagram dynamics, e.g. how our personality temporarily changes under stress or when feeling secure.

Session 2: Going Deeper into the Enneagram
The second session of a three-part series, this workshop will zoom into some more advanced aspects of the Enneagram, including subtypes (i.e. how our Enneagram type interacts with the development of our instincts of self-preservation, one-to-one relating, and social interaction), mental fixations and what allows us to move beyond them, and so on.

Session 3: The Enneagram and our Spiritual Life
The final session of a three-part series, this workshop aims to explore how knowing our Enneagram type can help in our prayer lives. We will learn more about the "deadly sins" and virtues of each type, as well as how to surrender to God in our specific weak areas and allow Him to transform us. We will also practise a few approaches to prayer.

This Enneagram Series is targeted at individuals who are inclined to the contemplative practices, and are involved in the ministry of spiritual formation in some ways. Due to limited spaces, priority is given to those who have completed at least two of the following ICM programs: Journey, LGT, SFL, GDLC or ITSF.

About the Facilitator: Dr Lee Soo Tian is a certified Enneagram teacher, having completed his training with The Narrative Enneagram in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has led workshops on the Enneagram in the UK and Malaysia, and has a particular passion for connecting liturgical and contemplative prayer with everyday life. He is presently a lay curate-in-training at St Paul's Anglican Church, Petaling Jaya, and a seminarian at St Paul's Theological College, KL. Soo Tian has a PhD in history and philosophy from the University of London, and is married to Hui-En, who works with Malaysian Care. They live in PJ with their two young sons.

We are accepting registrations till 31st March 2023 (or when spaces are filled)


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