For Personal Growth

For 2021, ICM is delighted to bring OASIS into your church! In light of TRAC’s Vision of ‘Come, Follow & Become like Jesus,’ this is ICM’s way of supporting the vision’s essentials of personal growth and community building amongst our churches.

The theme for OASIS for 2021 is “Knowing God, Knowing Self” and it will be offered as either a Half-Day (4-hour) or 1-Day (6-hour) retreat on-site or online depending on the situation. All retreats will incorporate the spiritual practices of silence, solitude, scripture meditation and spiritual conversations.

The theme “Knowing God, Knowing Self” will incorporate some aspects of the following content:

Growing in Awareness of God

  • Tracing God’s hand in our faith & life story
  • Cultivating a listening & conversational relationship with God in prayer
  • Learning to cultivate a discerning heart

Growing in Awareness of self

  • Understanding our spiritual journey from a developmental perspective and responding to God and his call for the season
  • Learning to craft an intentional life-giving rhythm in our daily life
  • Learning to pay attention to our inner life and recognizing God’ work of transformation and healing

Growing Awareness of Others (community life)

  • Spiritual community and companionship
  • The role of community in personal discernment and decision making.


OASIS Schedule for 2021:

9am - 12pm | Sat, July 3, 2021
Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh | Contact: 

9am - 12pm | Sat, August 7, 2021
Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh | Contact:

An ICM Team of Facilitators

If you’re interested to bring OASIS to your church/group, please contact Wai Ling at icm@trac.org.my