46th Session TRAC
20th November 2021 | Hosted by the Southern District


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I warmly welcome you to the 46th Session TRAC. The sharp spike in covid-19 cases that began in June continues to spiral uncontrollably. In view of the worsening situation, we will conduct 46th Session TRAC online via Zoom. 

We praise God that we are able to come together online as God’s people, the Body of Christ, amidst a global pandemic. We praise and thank God for leading and guiding us through the year, for strength and grace as we navigate the difficulties and challenges of the covid-19 pandemic. We praise and thank God for keeping and sustaining us. We keep our eyes on God, our Father, and we lift-up our hands in love and service, our feet ever ready to go where He leads, and our hearts filled with praise and thanksgiving. 

We look forward to a meaningful and fruitful 46th Session TRAC. The life and ministry of Trinity Annual Conference, and the good news of the gospel of Christ, shall continue with strength and might, as God leads us in creative ways to engage in Kingdom work. And in faithfulness and obedience, we go about our Abba Father’s business, servants of His sending. 

Please continue to uphold the Southern District, the Local Planning Committee, as they plan, organise, execute and attend to the preparations leading up to 46th Session TRAC. 

We look forward to coming together in November, to encourage and build each other up, and to march forth with purpose and oneness, in the work God entrusted into our hands; with courage and confidence, in faithfulness and obedience. 

See you all at 46th Session TRAC, brothers and sisters. 

Bishop Joshua Khong
Trinity Annual Conference