46th Session TRAC
20th November 2021 | Hosted by the Southern District


(Online Form is at the bottom of this instruction page here)

  1. Each official delegate attending the conference must fill in a separate form, even if they are spouses.
  2. Registrations close 15 September 2021.
  3. Registrations will only be confirmed on receipt of full payment of all applicable fees.


  1. Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). The system will not allow you to complete the process without these fields been completed. It is important to enter your e-mail address correctly.
  2. For delegates who are not representing their local church e.g. Board Chair, Conference Lay Leader etc. please indicate your home church under the CHURCH field. Only the Conference President, ministers (including retired) who are not amenable to a local church, and, invited guests by TRAC should use “None of the above”.
  3. Please use the name in your Identity card (NRIC) or passport in the FULL NAME field.
  4. You can select more than 1 role in the Delegate Status. Please check ("tick") the appropriate boxes.
  5. The form will automatically calculate the fees due based on the information in the form.
  6. When you are sure that the information is complete, click on the REGISTER NOW button, and the form will be submitted electronically. An e-mail confirming receipt of your registration will be sent to the e-mail address supplied in the Registration Form with a Reference Number. Please use this Reference Number for all communication including payment.
  7. Please forward a copy of the confirmation e-mail to the person making payment for your registration. This could be your local church, the District Treasurer or TRAC office (includes payment by Boards). If you are not sure, please refer to item 4 under PAYMENT below.



  • The fees for all delegates with multiple roles which include that of a local church pastor, lay (or reserve) delegate will be paid for by the local church,
  • Delegates who are present on behalf of the boards e.g. Board Chairs, Associate Youth Directors, Worship and Music will be paid by the respective Boards,
  • District Lay Leaders who are not official delegates will have their fees borne by the District,
  • Conference Officers including the Conference President, Treasurer and Statistician, past Bishops, ministers who are not amenable to a local church or organization, substantive members of TRAC Executive Board who are not delegates and, guests of TRAC will be paid by TRAC.
  1. All payment must be made via online payment or deposited to:
    Bank: CIMB Bank
    Account Name: Trinity Annual Conference A/C 2
    Account Number: 8007131262
  2. Please indicate the Reference Number and Delegate Name in the Remarks field in the online transaction page of the bank website. Please send a scanned copy of the transaction record or advice via e-mail to the Conference Registrar at annualconference@trac.org.my , in order for us to keep tab on the payment.
  3. A processing fee of RM5 cash can be charged (during registration at TMCPJ) for each registration that fails to e-mail the payment transaction record or advice.
  4. If you have multiple roles in TRAC, the guidelines regarding the party responsible for the payment of the Conference Fees are as follows:

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