Event Title: LPL: Methodism
20-Aug-2022 to 21-Aug-2022 Past Event


Course Description
This is a tutored course in Methodist doctrine and polity designed specifically for those seeking a Licence to Preach in the TRAC. Those who wish to take this course as audit are also welcome. This course includes a chronological summary of John Wesley’s life and ministry, study on key aspects of Methodist doctrine, the history of Methodism in Malaysia, and the Methodist Discipline.   

Required reading

  • The Scripture Way of Salvation, Kenneth J. Collins. Nashville, Abingdon, 1997.
  • Wesley and the People Called Methodists, Richard P. Heitzenrater. Nashville, Abingdon Press, 1995.
  • “Christianity in Malaysia”:A denominational history, Robert Hunt et. al. (ed.), Petaling Jaya, Pelanduk Publications 1992 (On Methodist History only)
  • Methodist Book of Discipline 2016

Time Table/Assignments



20th - 21st August 2022
Rev. Dr. Andrew Tan