The ICM Team

The Board of ICM ( 2021-2024 )

Rev ms Yong Wai Ying Rev (Ms) Yong Wai Yin
Chairman of ICM Board
Pastor Wesley Methodist Church Seremban and Taman Ujong Methodist Church, Seremban
Rev Ronald Yap Rev Ronald Yap,
Pastor, Wesley Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur
Pastor Chris Kam Pastor Chris Kam,
Pastor, Damansara Utama Methodist Church, PJ
Pastor Mike Ngui Pastor Mike Ngui
Pastor, Damansara Utama Methodist Church, PJ
Lee Siok Ping Lee Siok Ping
Subang Methodist Church
Mr Choo Fai Woh Mr Choo Fai Woh,
Wesley Methodist Church, Kampar
Pastor Mike Ngui Dorothy Ung
Subang Methodist Church
Mr Choo Fai Woh Pastor Shaan Sya
Pastor, Trinity Methodist Church, PJ & Wesleyan Community Methodist Church
Mr Goh Keat Seng
Rev Ricky Ho
Rev Yew Nieng Song
Dr Samuel Ong
Dr Chan Kook Weng
Rev Thomas Chin
Stephen Cheah
Dr Herbert Tan
Rev Peggy Seow
Rev Joshua Khong
Ms Lim Pek Boon
Goh Kim Guat
Jeysing John

Staff of ICM

Ng Wai Ling
Director of ICM
Ng Wai Ling

Wai Ling is deeply convicted that much of her vocational steps and life have been ordered by the Lord and shaped by her community. Hence, she cherishes opportunities to accompany groups in listening conversations and discerning God in community. She has a MA in Counselling and a Certificate in Training & Development (CITD) before embarking on the spiritual direction track. She received her MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care in 2007 with a training in spiritual direction from Talbot School of Theology, California. She is currently completing her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership (with a research focus on communal discernment) under the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST Alliance). Wai-Ling serves as the Director of TRAC Institute for Christian Ministry (ICM) and worships in Taman Ujong Methodist Church, Seremban.


Ng Wai Ling
Assistant director of ICM
Tang Swee Kit

Swee Kit is passionate about her calling to help people grow and deepen their relationship with God. Her involvement in student ministry and the desire to understand the process of spiritual transformation led her to Talbot School of Theology where she completed her MA in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, and received her training as a spiritual director. She enjoys creating space for others to encounter God at retreats and is a member of ESDA (Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association).