Spiritual Formation & Retreats

We offer a up to 10-12 contemplative and quiet retreats every year to the church at large, focusing on a variety of themes and issues, all of which are built in the practices of silence, solitude and scriptural meditation. In addition, we run seminars and public lectures to educate the public on spiritual formation and attentiveness to the inner life.

Leadership Development

As a continuous commitment to our TRAC leadership, we run a variety of district-based programs to cater to the equipping needs of our local church leaders, focusing on organizational structures, practical leadership issues and formational aspects of the leader.

Personal & Ministry Development

Over the years, we have partnered with different Boards and Organizations in TRAC to organise equipping programs that would train ministry volunteers and leaders in specific areas like worship, children ministry, young adults, women and seniors. We will continue with this direction to support the holistic development of all ages as and when the need arises.

Past Events


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