Board of Youth Work

Succeeding generations of pro-active God-fearing youths who are personally experiencing dynamic spiritual transformation and are on fire for Christ in their family, in TRAC, and this world.

Facilitating transition of youth ministries from a church-based (family-supported) youth ministry to a family-based church-supported youth ministry
Facilitating connection between youth ministry leadership and parents to reach youths
Facilitating youth ministry leadership in journeying with youth towards experiencing breakthroughs in their lives


  • To promote grounding youth in the Word of God which results in critical thinking & wise decision making
  • To empower parents for working with youth and creating an open atmosphere for engagement on youth issues at home
  • To encourage care/nurture and development of youth workers through formation of support groups & systems for accountability, mentoring, rest & rejuvenation
  • To maximize the power of IT for the purpose of communicating, connecting, and training for youth work