Public Lectures


This event will be postponed till 2021.

ICM Mental Health Seminar 2020 (In collaboration with Trinity Methodist Church PJ)

Date: Friday, 2nd October 2020 8-10pm & Saturday, 3rd October 2020 9am-4pm

Venue: Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya

This seminar seeks to:

  • Create awareness by educating, clarifying misconceptions and removing the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Deepen our understanding about mental wholeness through psychological, spiritual and theological perspectives.
  • Understand how the Church can respond and provide a safe place to support those who struggle in their journey towards healing and wholeness.

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Past Public Seminars:


ICM Public Lectures 2009

Theme: The Heart & Soul of Spiritual Formation (Trinity Methodist Church PJ)

- The topics include:

   - ‘The Heart & Soul of Spiritual formation’ (Dr Voon Choon Khing)

   - 'Christlikeness Through Discipleship and Spiritual Formation’(Rev Dr Chew Tow Yow)

   - ‘The Spirit of the Disciplines –Cultivating and Inner Life with God’ (Alvin Ung)

   - ‘Building Spiritual Friendships for the Sake of the Soul’ (Rev Dr Tan Soo-Inn)

   - ‘Spiritual Growth: Healing & Wholeness’ (Bishop Dr Hwa Yung)


ICM Public Lectures 2010

Theme: Celebrating God in Daily Life (Trinity Methodist Church PJ)

- The topics include:

  - ‘Family: Celebrating the Presence of God in Your Home’ (Dr Herbert Tan & Dr Goh Chee Leong)

  - ‘Work: Celebrating the Presence of God in Your Work’ (LT Jeyachandran & Helen Read)

  - ‘Sabbath: Celebrating the Presence of God in Your Rest and Play’ (Dr Vasantha Mathews & Alvin  Ung)

  - ‘Prayer: Celebrating Intimacy with God’ (Rev Dr Chew Tow Yow & Rev Dr Ong Hwai Teik)


ICM Public Lectures 2011

Theme: Taking Your Soul to Work (Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh)

The focus of this weekend series was on helping folks to integrate faith in the marketplace and was facilitated by Alvin Ung and LT Jeyachandran.


ICM Public Lectures 2015-2017

Theme: History Makers

- As part of the continuation of public education on spiritual formation, a new series on Church History was offered to the local churches with the emphasis on why church  history is important as a part of spiritual formation.

-  2015 - Church History by Rev Dr John Roxborough @ Trinity Methodist Church PJ

- 2016 - History Makers by Rev Dr Sivin Kit @ SSMC

- 2017 - History Makers by Rev Dr Sivin Kit @ Wesley Methodist Church, Ipoh


ICM Public Lectures 2017

Theme: The Spectacular Ordinary Church and Organization (Damansara Utama Methodist Church PJ)

A one day seminar for pastors, leaders of Christian organizations (Board members or Senior Leaders) and Leaders of churches to join us in exploring what it means to cultivate a healthy Christian church or organization. This seminar focused on some key questions and practices in order to remain focused on the Kingdom of God in the way we do church and run our organizations. This was facilitated by Rev Dr Viv Thomas.


ICM Public Lectures 2018

Theme: How to not run around like a headless chicken? (Trinity Methodist Church Penang and SS Methodist Church PJ)

This weekend seminar jointly organized with OM Malaysia and PADERI, focused on addressing the challenges faced by urban disciples in practicing Christian Spirituality in the midst of a demanding, competitive and hurried culture. We explored what it means to embrace, integrate and live out a Gospel-centered rhythm of grace amidst a world of noise, crowd and hurry. These seminars were facilitated by Rev Dr Viv & Sheila Thomas.