The Journey 2021 - Application Form

Due to the nature of this program and the limited number of spaces available, all applicants will go through a process of selection and placement. Please help us get to know you by filling up this form and indicate a reference who will help us discern together with you, your readiness and timing of joining this program. We ask that you pray with us in this discernment process as the Institute for Christian Ministry (ICM) makes the final consultative decision.

The Journey 2021 Application Registration Form
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*Maritial Status: Single Married Others
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Comments/ Remarks:
What draws you to apply for THE JOURNEY at this time in your life?
Please give us a reference - a pastor/church leader who supports you for this program, name and email)
How does this person know about your spiritual life?
Please respond to the following questions:
1.What ministries or programs have helped you grow as a Christian?
2.Besides your conversion experience, what experience has had a deep impact on your spiritual life? Why?
3.What life experience has been significant in fostering your spiritual growth up to now? What life experience has hindered you most?
4.Name a specific person who has greatly contributed to your spiritual growth and describe how this person has helped you in your spiritual development.
5.I have looked through the schedule for The Journey 2021 and as far as within what I am able to for see, I should be able to clear my schedule to accommodate all the 7 sessions and 1 retreat. (Refer to your own schedule and The Journey schedule)
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